by Artful Dodgers Studio

Young people aren’t one-dimensional, nor are they an homogenous grouping of Gen Y or Z individuals. Braided is a podcast where audio storytelling meets community art and social justice. The show trains young people in the art of audio storytelling, with each episode providing a platform for those we might not traditionally hear from.

With a new producer creating each episode, the stories are challenging and triumphant, casting a light on the lives of young people in Melbourne facing difficult circumstances. It gives us a glimpse into the voices mainstream media tends to skip over. Presented and produced by Artful Dodgers Studios, a project of Jesuit Social Services, there is a tact in how difficult topics, such as mental health, are approached.

Artful Dodgers Studio specialises in engaging with at-risk young people through creative projects. With Braided, young people worked one-on-one with Victoria’s leading audio producers to develop an episode tell their story. 

A central feature to this project is that the emerging creators make both the audio story and the accompanying episode art. With the emerging producers at the helm and able to drive the shape of their story, each episode sounds unique. Listen for a surprising glimpse into someone else’s life.