by Constellations

Constellations is an ambitious, unusual project built around highly original sound works from a community of international artists – with a focus on pieces that convey meaning through evocation and abstraction.

Co-founded and co-created by Canadians Jess Shane and Michelle Macklem (now Melbourne-based), this podcast offers a unique space for short-form experimental works spanning documentary, sound art, fiction, music, soundscapes, and all the sounds and silences in between. Each episode is a rich sonic offering, accompanied by a short exposition from its author – often allowing unprecedented access to the inner workings of a piece, its maker’s editorial and artistic impulses, and the ideas behind the work.

For many listeners, Constellations will represent a step beyond familiar ground, and a breach of the narrative conventions and formulas of mainstream podcasting. While some pieces deliver meaning in more direct ways, others are swirlingly impressionistic; disorientating in the best and most unexpected ways. Recent episodes have raised the bar for weirdness, inserting episodes into other episodes, or delivering pieces in layers.

Thankfully, those new to abstract sound and radio art will find generous hosts in Shane and Macklem, currently aided and abetted by a programming committee consisting of audio artists from across the world: Aliya Pabani, Matthew Kariatsumari, Miyuki Jokiranta and curatorial advice from Amita Kirpalani. Listen with your eyes shut and ears open.