Elijah Augustine

Elijah is a young Nyul-Nyul, Jabirr-Jabirr and Ngumbarl Saltwater man from the coastline of the Kimberleys, living in Melbourne with his family. Diagnosed on the Autism spectrum as a child, Elijah was told he would never speak or learn to talk, but through music and culture, he has overcome many hurdles. He came to Artful Dodgers Studios 3 years ago, bringing his skills playing guitar, singing and writing songs and he now performs regularly around Melbourne. Elijah is a volunteer radio presenter on 1503AM Kool and Deadly radio show and from his volunteering track record, he won The 2018 Darebin inaugural Emerging Young Community Leader Award.

His experience in radio and broadcasting inspired Elijah to join the Braided podcast team in season 2 and share his stories. Elijah continues to work on his music and hopes to start a band with other musicians, play in lots of venues to entertain everyone and inspire others with his musical career.