Don’t Look Back

by ABC / double j / triple j

Don’t Look Back is a treasure trove of stories from Australian personalities, musicians, writers and celebrities. In each episode, Caz Tran asks her guest for a song that has stayed with them over the years or influenced their work. She’s a masterful interviewer who knows when things are about to get interesting, and allows the conversation to go there.

An antidote to the hit-and-run celebrity interview, Don’t Look Back taps into the creative nature of its guests and encourages them to reflect. In each 10–20 minute episode, you’ll learn about music, creativity and look differently at the lives of people like David Wenham, Sarah Blasko and Christine Anu. The show appears to have wrapped up in 2017 – and it’s a little unclear whether it ultimately belonged to the double j or triple j ABC networks. In any case, its archive is well worth a dig.