Jenny Curran

Jenny Curran is an eccentric art-lover from Ireland who moved to Australia four years ago in search of new adventures. After she applied for her residency and was unable to work whilst awaiting a decision she stumbled across the Artful Dodgers Studio and has been a piece of the furniture ever since. The studio have been invaluable to her over the last 2 years and she loves being in a creative environment all the time where she can indulge in watercolour painting and, most recently, amateur pottery making!

Jenny’s podcast is called It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy and is a story-telling podcast raising awareness for adult asthma. Jenny has lived with severe asthma all her life and is excited to educate in a light-hearted fun way.

She was also a maker for Season 1 of the Artful Dodgers Studios podcast Braided.