The Wait

by The Guardian

Mozhgan Moarefizadeh is stuck in Jakarta, living without the right to do many things that most Australians take for granted to work, marry, study, travel or even hold a bank account. The Wait is a five-part series told through the eyes of Mozhgan and her family, friends and community living in Indonesia, waiting for the right to live. Published by The Guardian, the series is the result of a collaboration and close friendship between Moarefizadeh and journalist Nicole Curby. Together, they investigate how Australia has pushed its borders out to Indonesia, and draw attention to the human consequences. Created over two years, the series is grounded in empathy and humanity, told through field recordings, interviews, audio diaries, phone conversations and translations. The result is a captivating story of regular people stuck in limbo, with no certainty for their futures. Curby and Moarefizadeh share an audibly warm understanding towards each other, and draw listeners in with their good humour and deep care. It is impossible to listen to The Wait and accept the plight of refugees and asylum seekers to fade into obscurity.