Random Article

by May Jasper

@maydayheyyay Facebook

Random Article is an independent podcast that’s ‘interested in EVERYTHING’ – and host May Jasper doesn’t make that claim lightly. In each episode, May clicks the ‘random article’ button on Wikipedia; whichever article she lands on becomes the focus of a thoroughly-researched audio documentary.

Not only does the premise of this show promise variety, but it’s the perfect framing device for May’s seemingly endless reserves of curiosity and enthusiasm. Her narration and quippy interjections are funny, clever and insightful. Whether she’s interviewing an entomologist or someone who builds model airports, May manages to distill the interesting bits of even the most esoteric jobs or preoccupations.

Far from being a random assortment of facts and information, Random Article marshals each roll of the dice into a thoughtful exploration of why we should pay attention to the minutiae of life.