The Real Thing

by ABC Radio National

From longtime collaborators Timothy Nicastri and Mike Williams comes The Real Thing – a lively, dynamic bunch of features delving into distinctively ‘Australian’ stories (‘in search of the real Australia’).

What exactly does that mean? Well, The Real Thing‘s layered and conversational features echo the rapid edits of Radiolab, but manage to capture uniquely Australian voices and stories – with the broad accents and fast, sometimes brash humour that’s often absent from podcast playlists. Its producers’ familiarity with each other as collaborators stands out, and so does their advanced grasp of both sound making and narrative.

Musically, it has its own thing going on, too – rather than the gentle and easily-looped electronica favoured by podcasters worldwide, The Real Thing deploys Nicastri’s trademark predilection for 70s punk and psych.