Full Story

by The Guardian Australia


Full Story marks Guardian Australia’s entry into the news podcast fray. Released almost daily, Full Story breaks complex issues and ideas down in its 15-30 minute episodes. Presenter and senior producer Laura Murphy-Oates is a warmer and more conversational anchor than most; she contributes a lot of tone to the show, and keeps things moving through its more comprehensive instalments.

Drawing on Guardian staff reporters, with the occasional contributions from the masthead’s overseas teams, the podcast emphasises well-researched reporting and direct, contextual analysis. Its strengths lie in its willingness to go beyond straight-ahead reporting. Regular guests on the show include staff reporters who are immersed daily in their subjects, and can speak compellingly to a broader view of them – dishing up the social, economic and political context of day-to-day goings-on. It’s a canny approach that allows Full Story to be both responsive and nuanced. And for a daily show with a small team, it sets a high bar for its production values.

The Full Story ship is steered by executive producers Miles Martignoni and Gabrielle Jackson, currently aided by Ellen Leabeater and Joe Koning (both alumnus of Sydney community radio station 2SER; Martignoni was a long-time trainer and mentor there).