Not By Accident

by Sophie Harper
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Not By Accident was a documentary podcast series about becoming a single mother by choice. In September 2018, after 34 episodes, independent producer Sophie Harper wrote, ‘I’ve said most of what I wanted to say in our podcast … I predict one or two stray episodes in the future when there’s something worth saying, but more or less, this is it.’

Over three years of production, Harper documents the intimate details of her not-so-conventional journey to becoming a parent. As a narrator, Sophie’s tone is quiet and deeply personal. It’s as though you’re sitting on the couch together with a cup of tea, hearing her story unfold.

Through a mix of audio diaries, conversations with friends and family, and documentary style recordings – all recorded over an impressively long amount of time – Sophie describes her changing body, career, childbirth, and the enormous love that having her child has unlocked.