Dead and Buried

by Carly Godden and Lee Hooper
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Take a tour through the darker side of Melbourne’s history, as hosts Carly Godden and Lee Hooper dig true crime cases up from the archives.

Any podcast based on historical research might risk becoming dull if it stays in the studio too often, or focusses on unstructured fact over narrative. Dead and Buried manage to avoid both of these pitfalls by making sure its hosts venture out into the city to interview family members of their subjects or experts who know the stories best – often outdoors, in the same streets which decades ago played host to crimes or acts of civil disobedience.

Each show picks a theme, then follows one or more stories related to it – balancing personal narratives against their broader social and historical contexts. Is their expertise a fluke? Perhaps not: both Godden and Hooper are researchers, historians and writers, and the show is partly funded by the City of Melbourne.

Currently on hiatus between seasons, its first seven episodes offer great listening for fans of Melbourne, misadventure and modern history.