Is it On?

by BuzzFeed
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BuzzFeed News reporters Alice Workman and Lane Sainty take the week in Australian politics and pack it into an hour(ish) of analysis, interviews and laughs and/or gossip.

Kicking off with a rundown of key events to catch you up on anything you might have missed, they then perform deeper dives on policy – notably in 2017, Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey. Invited guests from across the political spectrum join the pair to discuss the news of the day, and any strange happenings around parliament. It’s not all light banter; some interviews take a necessarily more adversarial approach. Overall, the podcast lends detail and colour to a political system that from the outside can seem impenetrable.

In wrapping up, Workman and Sainty highlight the stories they thought deserved more attention. And of course, wherever possible, they quiz their various guests on the eternal question in Australian political leadership: ‘Is it on?’