Search Engine Sex

by Spotify Australia

Search Engine Sex is Australia’s first Spotify Original podcast. In its first episode – published June 2020 – presenter and creator Rowdie Walden launches the series by attempting to answer the most googled question about sex, which is: how to have it. The show considers that maybe what we’re really asking is how to have better sex, and in order to answer that, we have to think about why we have sex.

With a broad range of guests that include sex therapists, search engine analytics and the ubiquitous comedian and writer Benjamin Law, Walden unpacks these questions with humour and vulnerability, taking the discomfort out of uncomfortable subjects. On the surface, the topics seem basic What does a healthy relationship look like? What is the clap? but as the series digs deeper it reckons with the fundamentals of pleasure and human relationships. It also features a couple of six-minute episodes, or ‘quickies’, including a short guide on how to have a good wank. Best of luck with that.