Slaughterhouse Road

by Jessica Hamilton

Slaughterhouse Road is an entertaining and innovative work of audio fiction with an unusual format. It’s described by its creator, Jessica Hamilton, as a ‘tragic alt-country Australiana romantic horror musical podcast’, taking listeners into the heart of a small town on Australia’s east coast.

A tale told in three acts – each act no more than 20 minutes long – Slaughterhouse Road shares the story of Tam and Jim. It’s a story of country romance and big dreams in a small country town, but be warned: ‘… things may get a little grim, when you hear what happens to him.’

With catchy tunes, witty writing, and lush sound design, Slaughterhouse Road is a short and sweet podcast series that invites listeners to kick back, relax and hum along to the songs. Written, produced, sound-designed and narrated by Hamilton herself, it’s a memorable dive into the quirky and macabre.