Save The Date

by Rhys Nicholson and Kyran Wheatley
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Save The Date is a funny and sometimes heartrending conversation between two Australian men who want to marry each other – but can’t.

Quick-tongued, sharp-dressing satirist Rhys Nicholson and his partner, broadcaster Kyran Wheatley, sprawl through the ins and outs of the marriage equality debate – leading up to a proposed plebiscite that would amend the law to allow same-sex marriage in Australia.

In every joke there’s a little bit of truth, and as Rhys and Kyran pull apart legalese, media bias and what items to put on their wedding registry, their attempts at the end of each podcast to save the date for their wedding seem to get further and further away.

At the time of writing, and after the plebiscite was rejected by the Senate, the podcast seems to have stalled – ending with a burst of palpable frustration. Will the show be back? Three months on, that remains unclear.