Frontier War Stories

by Boe Spearim

Frontier War Stories shines a light on the first 140 years of resistance from First Nations people against the colonial invasion of this continent. Host Boe Spearim, a Gamilaraay and Kooma man, invites Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal guests – mostly academics, activists and authors – to discuss their research and knowledge of resistance stories; stories that have often been left out of history books and of official accounts.

Frontier War Stories confronts the ways in which Australian history is commonly understood. It is a journey into truth-telling, with guests sharing their research into many confronting episodes in Australian history – including the transportation of First Nations men to penal colonies and the 1933 punitive police expedition to Arnhem Land. Frontier War Stories is a testament to how First Nations acts of resistance have led to the continuation of the oldest living cultures on earth.