Oh My Dog

by Alongside Radio


Oh My Dog is created by Michelle Ransom-Hughes the longest-serving producer of ABC Radio’s flagship podcast, Conversations. She brings a clear professionalism to this stunning podcast about the relationships between humans and dogs. The series has a beautiful, clean production style, and features original composition by Australian musician Seja Vogel (of Brisbane-born alt-pop bands Sekiden and Regurgitator, and the podcast HearSej).

Oh My Dog is deeper than a basic meditation on dogs as our best friends (assuming you, reading this, are human). Through a seamless blend of storytelling, interview and sound design, Oh My Dog explores tricky subjects that include homelessness, mental illness, language and violence. Throughout these episodes, the series pinpoints the recurring thing that make us feel so connected to animals: they remind us to find joy.

Season three of Oh My Dog is set to begin hitting the feeds in late 2020. While you wait, why not bone up on seasons one and two?