Rowdie Walden

Rowdie Walden is an Indigenous-Australian TV host, writer and podcaster. His most recent podcast Search Engine Sex (2020) looks to answer the most searched sex and relationship questions, and can currently be heard exclusively on Spotify.

Rowdie first jumped in front of the camera in 2015, with a 6-episode pop science miniseries for ABC iView titled Nano. The success of Nano led to the commission of his second series for ABC – Rowdie’s Chemical Romance (2017), a five-part series which saw him (attempt to) use science to find love. The series premiered on ABCTV and iView.

Rowdie has since made a name for himself with appearances on Channel Ten, ABC and SBS. He’s appeared on the Channel Ten series Cram, hosted by Peter Helliar, and the Top 40 Eurovision Controversies special on SBS. He’s also worked as a social writer and producer for The Weekly on ABCTV.