How Do You Sleep At Night?

by ABC

How Do You Sleep At Night? is a six-part documentary series about people deemed ‘bad’ by society. Far from casting judgement, the show instead offers up space for its guests to explain their own moral codes – so that listeners can make their own assessments.

Each episode invites us into the psyche of someone we might never come across in life. The guests include a convicted killer, the person who created pokie machines in Australia, a pair of big-game hunters and a tobacco lobbyist.

Host and producer Sarah McVeigh typically joins her guests as they go about their daily lives, asking questions, building trust and rapport, and probing deeply into the reasoning behind guests’ actions.

The content of the episodes is often confrontational and controversial and it’s this rawness that makes the show compulsive listening. McVeigh is empathetic and aware of her own biases, and her questioning leaves listeners hooked for answers, even if they’re occasionally left disappointed with how guests might evade them. 

The series is a combination of McVeigh’s own immediate reactions to interviews, retrospective reflections and in-the-moment conversations with her guests. How Do you Sleep at Night? is an eye-opening listen and an insight into the minds of people we might tend to avoid, even if we have good reasons.