Routines & Ruts

by Madeleine Dore
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Routines & Ruts is an interview-based podcast by Madeleine Dore that provides listeners with insights into how other people structure their lives. Minimalist in sound design, barring an upbeat musical opening, episodes of this podcast help us better understand our own day-to-day existence.

The show is an evolution of Dore’s ‘Extraordinary Routines’ newsletter – her project of more than five years. A product of love and perseverance after bouts of procrastination, this podcast was launched in 2020; a year where many routines were thrown out of the window. 

As the host, Dore brings curiosity and warmth to her discussions with guests about the relationship between the peaks and inevitable lulls in creative work.

Each episode zooms into the habits, quirks and schedules of different creative people – ranging from astronomers to comedians and writers – and draws out the lessons we can learn from them. Dore has a way of opening up vulnerability with her guests as they discuss everything from what they have for breakfast to how they battle mental health issues while working to deadlines.

This podcast is suited to anyone who is interested in how creative people spend their days: whether that’s in a state of flow or wondering how things went so off track. Dore’s non-judgmental interview style allows space for us to consider how we can be more forgiving of ourselves after having a ‘bad’ day.