Starving Artist

by Honor Eastly
@starveart Facebook

Starving Artist is Honor Eastly’s exploration of ‘art, money and how to make it work’. In it, she speaks to people working in various creative industries, and asks them how they keep their lights on.

Honor is a Patreon-funded, freelance-writing, prolific-online-posting kind of artist, with an apparently close familiarity with the struggles and freedoms of earning a creative income. She chimes in to interviews with anecdotes about her own experiences, and through personable and insightful conversations, Honor and her guests manage to make light work of the sometimes unflattering realities of financial burdens.

Honor wrote and performed the theme song, too – with the lyrics: I don’t want to be a starving artist / I just want to find a way to live. In the meantime, her podcast is a resource for listeners who want to find their own ways of making a creative living.