The Dumbo Feather Podcast

by Dumbo Feather
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The Dumbo Feather Podcast features conversations with extraordinary people. Mostly recordings from their live conversation events, Dumbo Feather‘s guests are often compelling characters that you might not yet know of – but once you’ve heard them talk, they’ll become your new heroes.

Dumbo Feather have a knack for finding unsung heroes and inspirational people that are leading passionate lives and doing cool stuff. For example, Brendan Murray – the principal of Parkville College, a school that’s inside a prison – talks about his belief in the power of education to change people’s lives, and how he treats every student with ‘unconditional positive regard’.

Mixed in the podcast feed is also the three part mini-series Music with my Mum. Dumbo Feather‘s editor Berry sits down with her rebellious, music-loving mother, Lee, and surrounded by a pile of Lee’s favourite records, they talk about love, loss, joy and music. File under: feelgood.