Contact Mic

by Fleur Kilpatrick, Sarah Walker and Kieran Ruffles
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Contact Mic is a monthly exploration of  ‘moments of change, indecision and contact’.

Each half-hour episode opens with ‘This Month In Your World’, a mesmerising list of the past month’s significant news stories, from international events to hyper-local moments. Contact Mic‘s co-hosts – Fleur Kilpatrick and Sarah Walker – are both theatre-makers, lending the show a linguistic flair and sense of pacing that blends well with the skillful sound design and subtle music choices of producer Kieran Ruffles.

The Contact Mic trio aren’t shy of experimentation with form, but most episodes culminate in a first-person narrative (with sporadic interjections from Fleur and Sarah). Topics range from Tourette’s syndrome to parenthood to porn, but rather than sounding unfocussed, the Contact Mic team manage to strike an artful focus on the moments in others’ lives to find a point of (yep, you guessed it) contact.