Brain on Nature

by Sarah Allely

In 2015 a bicycle accident left Sarah Allely unable to read, write, watch TV or listen to podcasts. Nature was her only relief from the intense sensory overload she experienced while recovering from a brain injury.

A rich audio design recreates Allely’s internal world, at times uncomfortable and painful – street sounds are jarring, children’s laughter overwhelming – and contrasts it with the sublime relief she found in natural soundscapes.

The series seeks to investigate the science to nature’s role in Allely’s recovery, and draws conclusions that affect all of us living in an overstimulated world including ways we might be fatiguing our brains, and how we might reset them.

Brought to life with co-producer Olivia Rosenman and US-based sound designer Ariana Martinez, with veteran RN documentary-maker Claudia Taranto as mentor, Brain on Nature has received widespread praise for its personal storytelling, rich sound and thoughtful handling of its subject matter. Deservedly so.