SPUN Stories

by StoryProjects

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SPUN is a live storytelling event based in Darwin that takes place roughly four times a year. It’s very much in the vein of similar events/podcasts like The Moth – but from the state that gave us NT News headlines. Whether you attribute it to the city’s latitude or just the energy of the people in the room, you can almost hear the humidity in SPUN’s recordings.

Individual stories, told over 10–12 minutes each, tick the kinds of boxes these events tend to, calling on self-deprecating humour, collective memory, poignant reflection and personal confession … and ultimately, resolution. Yet it’s unmistakably Australian, too, and told with the colour and wit many have come to associate with the Top End. After a couple of years of life as a Soundcloud account, SPUN have stepped up to the world of podcasts; the Apple Podcasts Store feels balmier already.