This Is About

by ABC Radio National

This Is About was an ABC Radio National podcast which focussed on one true story per episode, as told by the people who were there. It was elegantly recorded and thoughtfully produced by Belinda Lopez, Jessica Bineth and Jesse Cox, and presented by Jordan Raskopoulos. It’s one of the more sound-rich narrative Australian podcasts you’ll hear.

The show launched mid-October 2016 from RN’s Creative Audio Unit as a kind of reboot of the earlier show Radiotonic (presented and produced by Cox).*

Update: In December 2017, Jesse Cox died from a rare illness. This is About published a special episode about his life, produced by Lopez and Bineth, which you can listen to here.

* A small technical aside: because the new show adopted the old one’s podcast feed, this guide will connect Radiotonic contributors and stories to This Is About.