This Kid Life

by Sydney Opera House

This Kid Life, from the Sydney Opera House, is a podcast series for kids. What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out.

It turns out that actually, kids know quite a bit – or, at the least, they have some interesting opinions to offer. In each episode of This Kid Life, some very young thinkers grapple with big ideas, with a little help from some lucky grown-ups. You’ll recognise the refreshingly direct, whimsical and often funny perspectives of children.

Host Jennifer Macey has an easy rapport with her interviewees, and conversations are interspersed with montaged ruminations of the kids. At the time of writing, the series has featured episodes on the environment, creativity, education and music. With an average length in the realm of 15 minutes, the show is also refreshingly compact. If it seems custom-made for family car trips or short prompts for further discussion, well, that’s entirely likely.

As people talk about growing interest in kids’ podcasting, this is one done well … and, like the similarly brainy Short and Curly, it’s good listening for big kids too.