No Feeling is Final

by ABC

Content warning: this series includes discussions of mental illness, hospitals, and suicide.

No Feeling Is Final is a complex, multi-layered show piecing together Honor Eastly’s personal recordings and original music compositions.The show was awarded the 2019 Third Coast Director’s Choice award and named the #3 podcast of 2018 by The Atlantic. 

The deeply compassionate Eastly serves as the podcast’s host, who sets the tone of the show by approaching an issue rife with stigma with warmth and empathy. Drawing from her own experience of the mental health system, Honor Eastly takes listeners deep into the dilemmas faced by those for whom it often isn’t so simple to ‘just ask for help’. 

Raw and vulnerable, the show’s creative approach to audio design creates a deeper level of intimacy by inviting  listeners into Eastly’s mind, and leaving them with a more nuanced understanding of ‘the voice’ inside.

This show is for anyone who has ever been through dark times, is supporting someone struggling with mental illness, or for anyone looking to better understand the lived experience of others. Despite the show’s darker focus on difficult times, listeners will be left with an affirmation for why we should stay alive.

The team is made up of executive producer Joel Werner, producer Alice Moldovan, writer Graham Panther, sound engineer Russell Stapleton and ABC Audio Studios managing editor, Kellie Riordan.