Gabrielle Jackson

Posed portrait photo of a light-skinned woman with chin-length light-brown hair and red lipstick, looking at the camera with a slight smile

Gabrielle Jackson is an executive producer of Guardian Australia’s Full Story podcast. She is also an associate news editor there, and previously, opinion editor. Before that, she was a senior journalist at The Hoopla. Gabrielle has lived and worked in the USA, UK and Australia as a journalist and copywriter. She currently lives in Sydney and commutes regularly to the Riverina district of New South Wales.

Gabrielle was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2001. In 2015 she was also diagnosed with adenomyosis. After writing about endometriosis for the Guardian in 2015, she became interested in how women’s pain is treated in modern healthcare systems and has been researching and writing about the topic since then. In 2019, she published Pain and Prejudice: A Call to Arms for Women and Their Bodies through Allen & Unwin.