Days Like These

by ABC

Listening to Days Like These feels like meeting someone for the first time, but conversing as if you’re long-lost friends and each have half a dozen stories to catch the other person up on. 

In each episode, one Australian sharesa true untold story of the wildest time in their life. Their stories include raw, funny and intimate celebrations of triumph over adversity, as well as  stories of love, loss and joy. 

Rich in sound design and laced with music, the tales shared in this podcast are short and pack a punch without feeling rushed. Instead, guests are expertly guided by host Elizabeth Kulas and lead reporter Pat Abboud. The result is a mix of first-person narration and measured reportage from Alex Lollback, Sam Wicks and Monique Bowley (all reporters for season one).

Tune in when you’re in need of a break from the real world, but keen to explore the realm of narrative non-fiction.

Days Like These is aided by a big team, including: Tamar Cranswick (research), Andrei Shabunov, Carey Dell, Russell Stapleton and Tim Jenkins (sound design); Timothy  Nicastri and Steven Tilley (technical support); Michael Dulaney and Andrew Davies (digital); Justine Kelly, Kyla Slaven, Claudia Taranto and Andrew Davies (supervising producers); Ian Walker and Rachel Fountain (executive producers); and Kellie Riordan (commissioning editor).