Better Off Dead

by The Wheeler Centre and Thought Fox Productions
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Well-loved tv personality Andrew Denton shrank from public life for a couple of years, and re-emerged with Better Off Dead – a challenging, deeply researched investigative podcast. Season 1 was produced in 2015-6 in partnership between Denton’s Thought Fox Productions and Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre. In its 17 episodes, Denton investigates the tricky issue of voluntary assisted dying. Why are people suffering at their most vulnerable stage of life, and why can’t – or won’t – we do more to help them die well?

Through many months of interviewing, Denton looked into the legal and moral challenges and risks of a law allowing voluntary assisted dying in Australia, travelling to Europe and the US to learn from their experiences. The result? A comprehensive documentary series spanning ethics, religion, medicine and some incredibly raw personal stories.

Produced in 2020-1, Season 2 looks at what has happened in Victoria since their Voluntary Assisted Dying law came into effect in 2019. It’s produced in partnership between the Wheeler Centre and Go Gentle Australia.