by Schwartz Media


7am is a daily narrative news briefing that is sharp and accessible with a clean, slick audio design.

Each morning – feel free to guess what time – host Ruby Jones breaks down one major news story into succinct, 15-ish-minute episodes that aim to shed new light or bring fresh insight to a topic. Most episodes are driven by an interview with a journalist from The Saturday Paper or The Monthly – 7am‘s sister titles within the stable of Schwartz Media, a Melbourne-based publisher – who’s undertaken deep research on the day’s subject.

The podcast aims to be easily digestible and information-rich – and it’s a simple way to stay abreast of broader issues populating the news cycle. It excels when it brings new voices and perspectives to the table. Originally launched with host Elizabeth Kulas (formerly of NPR’s Planet Money), the show operates with a decorated team of producers and editors, clearly benefitting from its sibling publications (Schwartz also owns Black Inc. Books and publishes Quarterly Essay). Bonus points for its very good-looking website.