Your Own Voice

by Joel Werner

Your Own Voice is an ‘occasional non-narrated storytelling mixtape’ produced by Sydneysider Joel Werner. In each of its irregular and rather unusual sounding episodes, Werner identifies a particularly unusual artist or musician – then invites them to describe their craft or ideas (in their own voice, of course). He then edits and accompanies the stories with original music and sound design, demonstrating an offbeat and experimental sensibility.

This distinctive-sounding podcast has, at time of writing, lain fairly dormant with only four episodes available. But it’s understandable, too; Werner is currently a busy science and health reporter for ABC Radio National. (He also founded the environmental issues show, Off Track – as well as celebrated features for 99% Invisible, FreakonomicsRadiolabOn the Media and more during a stint of living and working in the US at the height of podcast’s post-Serial blossoming.)