Short & Curly

by ABC Radio

Short & Curly is a fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents. It asks questions that get you thinking about big issues: Is it ok to fight back against a bully? Can a robot be your friend? Do you have to love your sibling?

Hosts Carl Smith and Molly Daniels are joined by resident ethicist Matt Beard from Sydney’s Ethics Centre. There are also special guests, and a brains trust of school age kids who weigh in and often give the best insights.

This is a good one for kids aged 5–10, but it’s also fun (and thought provoking) for grown-ups: it’s light and playful, but gets you thinking about the deep stuff. It’s also gold for family car trips. There are points where you’re asked to pause and discuss an idea or issue – a great use of the pause button – and, overall, it’s reminiscent of times when listening was a family affair that would spark some lively conversations.