Noir Hear This

by SBS

Nordic Noir is a crime-fiction sub-genre that has gone international. Noir Hear This is a podcast dedicated to the sub-genre, with each episode taking listeners to a different Scandinavian country for interviews with local noir writers. The show is hosted and produced by Johan Gabrielsson with sound-engineering from Vlad Ladgman, and distributed by SBS, the broadcaster known as ‘the home of Nordic Noir down under’.

Part academic exploration and part superfan compendium, the show combines conversations with noir novelists, screenwriters and critics, unpacking this global phenomenon and the reasons for its global success. The interesting use of soundscapes and the artful inclusion of dramatic readings from featured novels, add rich texture to the episodes. 

The mood of the Noir Hear This is similar to its topic: dark and, at times, murky. The intricate level of detail means it’s best suited to listeners already acquainted with the genre, though it’s also worth listening if you’re interested in understanding the darker realities of Scandanavian societies.