Three Feet Away

by The Australian

Produced by Eric George and for the Australian, where they both work as journalists, Three Feet Away is the only local podcast – one of few podcasts anywhere – dedicated to netball. And this one’s squarely for fans of the sport: it offers a lively round-up of what’s been going on particularly in Australian netball through discussion with current and former players, coaches and analysts.

It sounds good, and if you’re a netball fan, there’s plenty to like here. Host Eric George is brimming with enthusiasm for the game (if his name seems familiar, it may be that his earlier work, with colleague Dan Box, was the acclaimed Australian true crime podcast Bowraville). His most regular guest, Natasha Chokljat, is a well-known netball insider. A player since the late 1990s, she’s represented Australia in international netball and played for teams in Australia and New Zealand.

The show covers the week’s winners and losers, but also includes some in-depth conversations about team building and bonding, coaching philosophies and the odd spot of training room gossip. Notable episodes so far include Kate Moloney discussing how her new role as captain has impacted her game, and about how Renae Ingles is juggling her sporting career while caring for her twins.