by BIMA Projects

Curtain is a true crime podcast hosted by Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson, and it very much borrows from the Serial mold – although in this case, the man on the other end of the phone here is actually co-host Hodgson. With a deliberate audio mix and good chemistry between the hosts, Curtain promises to ‘pull back the blinds … on the darkest parts of our justice system and ask – who are the victims?’.

In the case of its first season, it’s focussing on the 1992 conviction of an Aboriginal man, Kevin Henry, for the murder of a woman. The sometimes sensitive subject matter is treated thoughtfully. At the time of writing, it’s interrogating systemic issues within the justice system, both at home and abroad, while keeping up with the forensic and circumstantial evidence from Henry’s case – which the hosts believe doesn’t quite add up.

The podcast has aired on radio through 98.9 FM in Brisbane, and been syndicated across the country via National Indigenous Radio Service. It’s produced by Paul Watts with music by Clint Curtis, and it’s produced in collaboration with the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association.