Honor Eastly

Honor Eastly is an artist, writer, podcaster and professional feeler of feelings.

Right now, she’s fascinated by the interplay of mental health, identity and culture. As someone with lived experience of mental health challenges, she’s interested in what our views of madness tell us about ourselves, and what they say about our society. She currently produces the podcasts Being Honest With My Ex and Starving Artist.

As an artist she’s constantly trying to find new ways of understanding, which has led to a lot of strange projects; a comedy game show about sex, writing songs for people about their attempts to lose their virginity and trying to fall in love with strangers for eight hours straight.

She also explores mental health advocacy in more traditional ways as a freelance writer, speaker and facilitator. She’s written for VICE, Daily Life and the UN, and presented keynotes at mental health conferences and arts festivals alike.