Kirsti Melville

Kirsti joined RN in 1994. Before The History Listen she made radio features for Earshot, 360documentaries, Street StoriesHindsightWomen Out LoudBackground Briefing, and Triple J. Her work has been broadcast internationally and has won several awards including Gold and Silver medals at the New York Festivals, the Human Rights Award and the CBA/Amnesty International Award for Human Rights. In 2011, she was a double finalist in the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Kirsti has produced documentaries on subjects as diverse as paedophilia, mining communities, children with obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia in Holocaust survivors, and the deaf community. Her love for radio is driven by an insatiable need to hear and share people’s stories, a strong sense of social justice and a desire to pick apart the complexities of human relationships.