Dr Chelsea Bond

Dr Chelsea Bond is an Aboriginal and South Sea Islander Australian and a descendant of the Munanjahli people of Beaudesert. Born and raised in Brisbane, Chelsea has forged a career in Indigenous health over the past decade working in both the government and university sectors across south-east Queensland.

In 2007, Chelsea was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy, with a thesis examining the construction of Aboriginality within the public health sector. Her research focused on highlighting the cultural strengths of the community she calls home – Inala. Her thesis was rated among the top 10 per cent at the University of Queensland in her year.

Over the years Chelsea has won numerous scholarships and awards and has had her work published in many key health and medical research journals. Chelsea has also dedicated a lot of time to voluntary work. She established and continues to manage an Indigenous Community Development association in Inala, providing a range of sporting, cultural and training opportunities.

Chelsea is currently pursuing a post-doctoral fellowship to evaluate the public health benefit of a major community cultural development program including an Indigenous hip hop festival. In the future she hopes to work in Indigenous affairs to continue building upon the strengths of the community sector.

Chelsea is also co-host of the popular radio show Wild Black Women with Angelina Hurley on Brisbane’s 98.9 FM Let’s Talk programme.