Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer has been a breakfast radio announcer on Triple J and ABC Sydney, TV personality on the comedies Good News Week and The Glasshouse, and is a member of the Sleek Geeks science team with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

A lifelong numbers nerd Adam flitted with a law degree and a PhD in pure maths before winning, of all things, a stand up comedy competition run by Triple J radio called ‘raw comedy’.

Through this, Adam met the good people at Triple J and within a couple of years was hosting the breakfast radio show with his good friend Wil Anderson. After six years, Adam and Wil called it a day. But a year later, Adam was back on the grown-up ABC Sydney radio station 702 where for eight years, he set ratings records and maintained second place in Australia’s largest and most competitive market.

Adam has complemented his radio career with numerous television roles hosting everything form the nation science show Quantum to poker championships, to appearing on the weekly sports review The Back Page and ABC news and current affairs wrap The Drum.