Gretchen Miller

Gretchen thought radio features would be the best ‘real job’ possible when she finished her undergraduate studies in music composition. After traveling the world and dabbling in print with the SMH, her first big radio break was as a 6 month artist-in-residence at ABC Audio Arts, back in 1999.

Since then she’s worked in every unit across RN from Late Night Live to Life Matters, Breakfast to All in the Mind but has settled with delight in the features and docos unit. She makes podcasts and radio using poetry, sound, music and story telling as building blocks.

In the past few years Gretchen’s developed a kind of podcast/radio generated through social media and listener call outs, and relishes the rapport developed with contributors, who bring unique and original writing and ideas to the airwaves. She’s been experimenting with the form through various projects: Trees I’ve Loved, Birdland, Hot Summer Land, City Nights, The Rivers and
Ariadne Projects, all of which you can still listen to via the RN website.

Gretchen’s got a passion for stories of the landscape and environment, and her work in this area has been played on radio stations in Europe, and performed live on stage at the Studio, Sydney Opera House. ‘The Ghost Songs’ was a finalist in the Prix Italia International documentary feature category in 2008, and Birdland won gold for environmental documentary at the New York Radio Festival.